Volunteers are critical to the Institute and shapes the work we do, thanks to the memberships collective efforts we can reach more people and deliver quality services across New Zealand that allow planning to thrive.

If you are interested in contributing to your profession and the community, there are various ways for you to get involved. In return for your effort, volunteers are able to undertake fulfilling work, collaborate with new peers, build skills and influence and broaden their professional network.

If the opportunity you are looking for isn’t listed here, or you have a new idea you’d like to share – reach out to your regional NZPI Branch or the Institute to see what support we can provide. {Update links once pages have been built}

Inspire the next generation of planners and help others discover what planning is all about. Work across your community to promote planning and its value.

  • Shape the future of planning through the Emerging Planners
  • Take part in careers and schools outreach activities
  • Media Commentator Taskforce
  • Represent the NZPI on an external board or task force

Support the activities in your region gives you a chance to give back to the profession and planners in your area.

By lending your energy and time, you help fellow members as well gaining valuable networking and upskilling opportunities.

  • Organise an NZPI CPD event in your area
  • Speak at an NZPI CPD event
  • Sponsor or support new NZPI member applications
  • Join the NZPI membership interview panel

NZPI brings evidence and leadership to policies and current thinking, putting the profession at the heart of society's big debates.

  • Preparation of articles for PQ
  • Shares news and information in Planning Focus
  • Get involved in policy development work
  • Present at a conference

    - NZPI Annual Conference
    - Emerging Planners Conference
    - Environmental Compliance Conference

Our committees and networks are served by volunteer members who give their time to help develop activities.

Participating in one of the NZPI's networks is a great way to meet fellow professionals and share your interests and expertise.

Use your skills as a professionally qualified planner to share your knowledge and expertise in a particular field or help others on their career path.

  • Contribute to NZPI consultations
  • Submit on national and local government consultations
  • Become a mentor for the Emerging Planner group

For more information on the opportunities above, get in touch with your local NZPI branch which meets monthly, or the NZPI Institute.