Membership of the New Zealand Planning Institute (NZPI) guarantees that a planner belongs to an internationally-recognised group of accredited professionals.

  • NZPI Members are obliged to keep their knowledge and skills up to date by devoting a certain number of hours every year to the Continuing Professional Development.
  • NZPI Members are trained to provide professional advice that will stand up to scrutiny in the event of your application or submission being challenged. They will only become involved in your case if they believe they can support your position.
  • We enforce a strict code of professional ethics - NZPI’s uncompromising commitment to upholding professional ethics makes membership well-regarded.
  • Before anyone is granted full membership, they must also complete a satisfactory membership interview conducted by a panel of 3 Full members. The membership interview is the most important part of the membership process. It tests knowledge, experience, planning philosophy and commitment to planning as a profession.

Types of NZPI Membership

  • Student: Currently pursuing an NZPI accredited tertiary qualification.
  • Graduate (Grad.NZPI): Holder of an NZPI accredited tertiary qualification and working towards Full membership.
  • Intermediate (Int.NZPI): Holder of an NZPI accredited tertiary qualification with at least 2 years of professional experience and working towards Full membership.
  • Full (MNZPI/FNZPI): Completed a successful membership interview. Holder of an NZPI accredited qualification with at least 3 years of professional experience OR has a tertiary qualification with at least 7 years of professional experience (inc. at least 2 years NZ experience).

Seeking the advice of a qualified professional is more likely to smooth your path and achieve the outcomes you want