We provide high quality training and learning opportunities for all professionals working in the planning field, keeping you up to date with the latest best practice and supporting your professional development

NZPIs ongoing education and development programme is designed and delivered by experts to support your learning. NZPI provides courses, workshops, seminars, online resources and advice across New Zealand, including tailored regional events and networking opportunities.

Conferences – large multi-day events with multiple speakers
Social and networking events – award ceremonies, quiz night evening and lunch events
Training and Core CPD – full day or half day events, smaller groups, topic focused
Updates and inspiration – breakfast events, lectures, panel events, site visits
Online – webinars, courses and articles

Courses and events are open to both members and non-members, with NZPI members eligible for discounted rates. See the NZPI CPD 2020 CPD programme to find the right training course for you and check your emails throughout the year for unique branch events in your area.

At these events you will:

  • Develop your knowledge and expertise
  • Hear from experts on key subjects and themes
  • Share good practice and network with peers
  • Learn skills relevant to your career or goals
  • Find solutions and practical tips to your daily challenges
  • Meet your CPD objectives

    All members of NZPI make a commitment through the Code of Ethics to maintain and develop their expertise through ongoing CPD.

    As a member you will have compulsory core courses that must be completed, these will vary depending on your membership class, however all members must complete:

    • Planning Ethics
    • Planning for Māori Values

    For information on compulsory membership training, see your member CPD requirements.

    You wouldn't start a project without knowing what you wanted to achieve or set off on a journey without knowing where you wanted to go, so why treat your career development differently?

    Take charge of your professional development by creating a plan to structure and focus your learning, ensuring you make the most of learning opportunities and aren't overwhelmed by the variety of choices available.

    The following resources are provided to help you create your own professional development plan.

    NZPI has a collection of planning articles, videos, podcasts and training resources for members, to gain access see Planning on Demand and our Document Library.

    NZPI Events & CPD Calendar

    The CPD programme has been designed to deliver maximum choice whilst supporting you in your learning and career aspirations. Register for a workshop here