Have a question about NZPI Membership? Please take a look at these frequently asked questions below, if you don't see the answer to your question here you can email us at membership@planning.org.nz

NZPI has different classes of membership for different levels of planning experience. All applicant to join NZPI must complete an application form, which NZPI considers each application for membership in detail. For more information please see the below link.

Become a NZPI member

If you were previously a member of NZPI - you do not need to re-apply, simply complete the " Membership Reinstatement Form" and we'll update your record and organise a rejoining invoice for you. You'll need to pay a $51.00 rejoining fee PLUS the standard membership fee, all services will be activated upon payment of your invoice.

Membership Reinstatement Form

Becoming a member of the NZPI will enhance your career and empower your professional development whether you are a student just starting an illustrious career in planning or an experienced and senior planner at the peak of your career.

An NZPI membership:

  • Will help you stand out from the crowd in a competitive job market
  • Meet employer requirements
  • Can increase your earning potential and enhance your career
  • Provide you with a voice through NZPI's advocacy work
  • Provide you with opportunities to network and work with local branches
  • Access to the professional development you need to help you excel.
  • Keep up to date with planning policy and research.

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The Standard process normally takes as listed below:

  • Student/Graduate/Intermediate Membership - five to ten working days.
  • Associate - ten to fifteen working days.
  • Full - The whole process takes one to three months.

Provided you are a current member of NZPI, you are able to use the following post nominal:

  • Full - MNZPI
  • Intermediate - Int.NZPI
  • Graduate - Grad.NZPI
  • Associate - Assoc.NZPI

Students are not able to use a post nominal after their name until they upgrade their membership.

If you are interested in contributing to your profession and the community, there are various ways for you to get involved. In return for your effort, volunteers are able to undertake fulfilling work, collaborate with new peers, build skills and influence and broaden their professional network, see below link.

Volunteer / Contribute

  • Must know the applicant and be familiar with their work.
  • They may be called upon by the membership convenor to discuss the applicant they have supported.
  • If you're having trouble finding someone to sponsor your application, we recommend you join one of our local branches so you can start networking with other NZPI members, once they get to know you and your planning related work they may be able to sign your application.
  • If you submit an application that doesn't meet sponsor/supporter requirements - it slows processing as the application must be returned and new sponsors/supporters sought.

Guidance note for sponsors of Full Membership Candidates

The Role of the Sponsor

The role of sponsor is two fold:

  1. To provide a written testimony of the candidate’s application via the Sponsor Declaration, which can be found in the Full Membership Application Form.
  2. To act as mentor to the candidate throughout their application for full membership.

Validation Role

The role of the Sponsor is to review and ultimately testify that a Candidate member’s practical work experience as having met the requirements set by the profession, prior to the final submission of that documented experience to the NZPI Membership Convenor.

The sponsor will also be asked to advise via the Sponsor Declaration, which can be found in the Full Membership Application Form, on the following:

  • The nature of the professional relationship between the candidate and sponsor
  • A short written statement of the reasons for sponsoring the candidate.

The Membership Convenor will contact the sponsor prior to an interview being approved to enable discussion regarding the application.

Supporting Role

A sponsor also has the role of ongoing support to the candidate, throughout their application for full membership.

Who can be a Sponsor?

The Sponsor must be a Full Member of the Institute in good standing who has more than three years of experience as a Full Member.

The Sponsor must agree to the Candidate member’s request to serve as their Sponsor, and will be provided with this guidance note by the candidate upon agreeing to serve as a Sponsor.

Sponsors should carefully review and familiarize themselves with the Guidance note, and use it for reference as they undertake their role.

What happens after the candidate is interviewed?

The Chair of the Interview Panel will contact the sponsor within 24 hours following the interview to advise the sponsor of the Panel’s decision.

If the candidate has been unsuccessful in his/her application the Chair will discuss with the Sponsor how the Sponsor might best support the candidate’s progress towards a subsequent application and a letter outlining the content of the discussion forwarded within 10 days of the interview to the applicant.