The Aotearoa Pacific Practitioners is an inclusive group of resource management professionals that is the trusted source, reference and voice for pacific issues, values and goals in Aotearoa resource management.

A pacific-facing network of resource management practitioners working together, supporting professional regional forum, regularly sharing our experiences and knowledge, and helping to build capability in our pacific home-nations.


Our values are framed around the concept of "The Pacific Way", where our priorities are:

  • People, family, community - tagata, aiga, nuu
  • Land and natural resource
  • Pacific values and belief-centred
  • Celebrating diversity
  • Inspiring and supporting Pacific success in planning and resource management
  • Respect - faaaloalo
  • Guarding pacific futures.


Encourage, inspire and support knowledge-sharing through professional forums which inspires sustainable and viable pacific places and communities.

Increase the presence and reflective voice of pacific practitioners in the planning, resource management industry at every level of influence.

Connect and re-connect with professional planning and resource management networks (aiga) of the pacific region, creating opportunities for collaboration and successful future environments and communities.

Action Plan for 2022-2023

Pacific Planning Principles

APPG is currently in the final stages of developing Pacific Planning Principles with the purpose of:

  • Reflecting the Pacific world-view.
  • Advocating for pacific interests.
  • Providing a framework as a reference point for Pacific interests.
  • Providing guidance in the planning sector for pacific interests.
  • Being both process and outcome based.
  • Supporting the wellbeing of our pacific communities

Other actions

  • Develop Relationship Management Strategy
  • Develop Consultation/Engagement with Pacific Communities Guideline
  • Identify role in reforms and priorities

To contact the Aotearoa Pacific Practitioners Group (APPG) please email Sarah Heritage, APPG Chair:

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