Student membership gives students with an interest in planning the opportunity to access events and services provided by the NZPI at an early stage.

Applicants to this class must be a student on a full-time, part-time or distance learning course that is accredited by NZPI.

Membership is FREE for students studying an accredited planning degree.

Why Join?

  • Get access to discounted learning and networking events
  • Show employers your commitment to the profession and your career
  • Get access to NZPI online learning resources including ‘Planning on Demand’
  • Get access to your local Emerging Planners group and development opportunities

See Benefits of membership for more.

  • Enrolment in an NZPI-accredited tertiary programme.
  • An application sponsor. This person must be a current NZPI member with at least 3 years tenure as a Full member; and preferably from your university faculty.
  • If your sponsor is not a university faculty member, please also supply a copy of your current Student ID, or Letter of Placement/ Course Confirmation.


The annual membership fee is FREE.

If you are studying an NZPI accredited degree your membership is free until the end of the year you graduate. If you graduate but are not currently working, you can remain a student member until you have secured a planning position. We do not charge an administration fee to process your application.

If you are not studying an NZPI accredited degree you are not eligible for student membership, however you may apply for Associate Membership.

The NZPI Constitution is the Foundation Document of NZPI and Provides the Governance Framework for all NZPI Activities.

The Constitution is supplemented by the NZPI Regulations. Both documents are current and have been the subject of review and amendments in the past 12 months.

Download the NZPI Constitution and Regulations

You are eligible to apply for Student membership if:

  • You are currently studying a NZPI accredited planning degree

Accredited Degrees

There are five Universities within NZ that offer NZPI accredited planning degrees, check out the Tertiary Study section for full details

Benefits of Membership

Becoming a member of the NZPI will enhance your career and empower your professional development.