For the past 3 years the American Planning Association has developed a Trend Report for Planners. The purpose of this report is to share potential drivers of change and shifts that will possibly impact the work of planners and the communities they serve.

The 2024 Trend Report features a list of over 100 existing, emerging, and potential future trends that the APA Foresight team have identified as relevant to planning. The trends are structured within three timeframes (Act Now, Prepare, Learn and Watch), which indicate the urgency of planners’ action. This report is published to help planners navigate change and prepare for an uncertain future.

Petra Hurtado from APA’s Foresight team will be presenting on the report’s findings at an upcoming lunchtime webinar on Tuesday 25th of June. Petra is a PHD and is APA’s Chief Foresight & Knowledge Officer and has presented as a keynote speaker and subject matter expert at numerous conferences across the globe and guest lectured at Harvard GSD, Virginia Tech, among other universities.

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