Associate status is open to anyone who has a genuine interest in advancing the purpose of planning but does not have a NZPI accredited planning degree.

This is the best option for:

  • Practicing planners who did not study an accredited NZPI degree
  • Professionals in a complementary field
  • Those interested in resource management practice, planning and design.
  • Academics at University, School or in research without the industry experience for Full Membership

Associate status provides an alternative pathway to full membership of NZPI, for those who are unable to use the standard pathway. After seven years of full-time planning work experience (including at least two years’ in New Zealand), and completion of the compulsory CPD courses, Associates are eligible to apply for Full NZPI Membership.

CPD is not compulsory for Associate Status.

Associates use the designation Assoc.NZPI

Why Join?

  • Gain recognition of your work in the planning field
  • Provides an alternative pathway to NZPI Full Membership
  • Provide you with opportunities to network and share knowledge
  • Support and guidance for your professional development
  • Keep up to date with information on planning policy, best practice and research.

See Benefits of Membership for more

Associate status is open to anyone who has a genuine desire to advance the purpose of planning but does not have a NZPI accredited planning degree.

  • You will need 3 NZPI members to sponsor/support your application:
    - Sponsor must be a Full Member
    - Supporters can be Full or Intermediate Member
  • Candidates for Associate status must prepare accompanying statements:
    - Practical experience statement that demonstrates the breadth and depth of your work experience to date and be corroborated by peers/managers.
    - Professional interest statement (1,000 words) that outlines your reason for joining NZPI and your involvement in planning.


The annual fee is $310 (inc. GST).

In addition to this, there is a $100 joining fee for NEW Associates of NZPI.

Payment is not required at the time of application, an invoice will be sent if your application is approved. NZPIs financial year is from January to December. Those who join during the year will be invoiced on a pro-rata basis (covering from the month joined to December).

An annual invoice will be sent out in mid-January.

The NZPI Constitution is the Foundation Document of NZPI and Provides the Governance Framework for all NZPI Activities.

The Constitution is supplemented by the NZPI Regulations. Both documents are current and have been the subject of review and amendments in the past 12 months.

Download the NZPI Constitution and Regulations

Benefits of Membership

Becoming a member of the NZPI will enhance your career and empower your professional development.

If you were previously a member of NZPI you do not need to reapply, please see our rejoin/change membership page.

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