NZPIC24 featured a keynote panel on Indigenous Peoples’ Involvement in Planning where we warmly welcomed speakers from Cananda, Australia, and Aotearoa New Zealand.

The panel comprised of a mix of planning academics and practitioners, each representing the voice of indigenous people in planning. Speaking to a range of questions on indigenous perspectives in planning were Darren Davis (CAN), Elle Davidson (AUS) and Antoine Coffin and Papa Pounamu Chair Lara Taylor from Aotearoa New Zealand.

Lara facilitated the discussion, opening the kōreo by sharing a video of a recent event where researchers, planners, kaitiaki and whanau came together to consider the question of how we can put papatūānuku first in our planning. This was a fantastic lead into our international panellists answering a series of questions with Darren Davis, speaking on a live link from Ontario Canada and Elle Davidson a Balanggarra woman visiting Kirikirioa Hamilton from Australia.

Darren talked about the factors that are disrupting the health and wellbeing of indigenous people, suggesting that our intentions are the same, so how do we live in harmony with the universe. Elle took this point and stressed the importance of navigating ways to have indigenous voices embedded in development projects and identify opportunities for reciprocity – how can we give back and work together for a better future? Then Anton told the audience about how lucky he was to hear the stories of his elders. He talked about the point of reflection where if there’s something wrong in nature then we have to go out and find out why. Anton suggested that he is privileged to be able to share indigenous knowledge and feel confident about aspirations and bringing them forward.

This discussion was the second opportunity to bring indigenous voices to a wider planning audience, following on from our successful Indigenous Perspectives in Planning: An International Conversation event in September 2023. The Institute will continue work with its international partners to take these conversations forward.

Conference Delegates can re-watch Indigenous People’s Involvement in Planning Panel Discussion at the NZPIC24 Virtual Conference lobby.