The planning programme at the University of Otago is recognised nationally and internationally for its professional excellence.

The programme comprises a balanced curriculum, with lectures, seminars, field experience and research and with considerable emphasis of gaining practical experience in both self-learning and team situations. An important feature of the programme is its interdisciplinary approach. Emphasis is placed on attracting candidates from a wide range of academic backgrounds including arts, science, law, Maori studies and commerce. A range of skills needs to be brought together to address environmental and community issues. Students are encouraged to use these diverse skills to analyse the social, political and bio-physical context of environmental policy making.

The below degree is accredited by the New Zealand Planning Institute

For Further Information Please Contact:

Ashraful Alam, PhD
Coordinator, Master of Planning Programme
Direct Ph: 03 479 8769

Otago University
Department of Geography
PO Box 56