We are pleased to announce the winners of our 2021 Nancy Northcroft (Supreme Practice) Award are Boffa Miskell & Wellington City Council for the Planning for Residential Amenity: Wellington District Plan Review.


Planning for Residential Amenity

Achieving a balance between increased density and desired amenity.

Intensification from a low-density urban environment to the scale of 6+ storeys proposed by the draft Spatial Plan and the NPS-UD is relatively uncharted territory in New Zealand. The overall effect that this step change in built form will have on residential amenity in major cities is currently uncertain. This study uses a multidisciplinary approach of urban design and planning, combined with 3D modelling techniques, to identify and examine anticipated impacts of intensification on residential amenity and to seek an optimal solution. The use of modelling software allowed different planning options and associated effects to be explored and assessed; and graphical translation of these options into a realistic 3D setting enabled a clear understanding of the interdependencies of planning provisions and the effects they have on the amenity ...

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