Keynote panels are set to become an integral part of NZPI conferences and this year we welcomed two panel discussions at NZPIC24. The Climate Change Panel responded to questions about resilience, protection of biodiversity in the face of climate change, and the role of planning in conveying a shared vision of the future.

The panel comprised of a mix of researchers and practitioners, and one who has lived at the face of a disaster related to climate change. Speaking to a range of questions on planning Climate Change were Nick Aiken, Iain White, Lara Clarke and Sarah Cotterill.

The panel referenced futurist Toney Hallahan in her earlier messages at NZPIC24 around learning from the past and suggested that these lessons will help to create a future that might be better for us in a resilient space. These are wicked problems and it’s not just up to planners to solve them, but instead they can create the bridge between the technical expertise and community aspiration.

The panel agreed that we don’t need to wait for the (legislative) stick to progress change, nor do we need to overregulate in this space. Instead, planners need to be the storytellers and make people more comfortable with the idea of a lifestyle change to prepare for and address the impacts of climate change.

Panel facilitator Carol Hirschfeld took a question from the floor about raising the positive profile of planning.

‘Storytelling is important in being able to convey the significance of actions & decisions that are not taken or are taken. A growing responsibility for all of you will be to make people & communities aware of the crucial & critical work that you do.’ NZPIC24 MC Carol Hirschfeld.

The Climate Change Panel Discussion and access to other conference material will soon be available to purchase through Planning on Demand.

Conference Delegates can re-watch Climate Change Panel Discussion at NZPIC24 here.  In-person Delegates, please refer to the email sent Tuesday 26 March for login details. If you did not receive the email, please check your junk folder.