Joan Ko’s presentation at NZPIC24 certainly got those of us in the audience thinking. Arup’s Climate & Sustainably Services Leader talked in what she describes as a time of extreme prioritisation. Not only do we need to think about what we do in what order but having the money to do it.

Joan’s presentation, titled Is Resilience Value for Money, built on conversations about making the business case in last month’s webinar on Spatial Planning. She told delegates that resilience is a useful frame, but we need to be ready for the growing practice of quantifying resilience in the same way we value economics, public safety and business continuity. The investment case for building in a resilient way is simple, often the most sustainable infrastructure is the one that exists, and we need to create value by looking after it.

Her presentation highlighted challenges faced by planners across the globe, and countered this with genuine solutions, particularly when it comes to galvanising the private sector into action.

Joan’s presentation and access to other conference material will soon be available to purchase through Planning on Demand.

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