Sarah Laurie founded health start-up, Take a Breath, in 2019 after pressing pause on a 15 year career as an author and speaker in the wellness industry. Disillusioned by poor health statistics, she began a mission to better understand anxiety - the world's fastest growing mental health issue.

After four years spent working with scientists, cell biologists, neuroscientists and industry experts from around the world, a single proposition emerged - our breathing has changed. And it's caused a systemic anxiety epidemic, globally.

As a result, Sarah works actively toward the betterment of society as a whole by teaching the science of breathing, the human brain and health. She spearheaded the community initiative - Take a Breath Week. Her company Take a Breath provides educational tools for schools, as well as being a market leader in the Workplace Wellbeing sector.


Wired to be Well

Most of us are in a continual, switched-on, pressure state and our brain is not designed for this.
We’re tired. So we try to get more sleep. Yet we’re wired so we can’t sleep.

This paradox is one of several that impacts us today:

  • Rushed, yet not enough time to slow down.
  • Happy, yet always anxious about something.
  • Ambitious, yet not future-focused.

Wired to be Well examines the everyday challenges of today's era – anxiety, poor sleep, stress, uncertainty and overwhelm. And then showcases some of the simplest ways our brain is designed to alleviate these challenges. Wired to be Well inspires people to seamlessly incorporate them into their life.

It explains the fascinating science in a simple and practical way. There is something for all of us in this session.

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