Toney is Director of Habitacity, a planning, strategy, and futures consultancy and Associate Director, Western Sydney Planning Partnership. She lives on Darug and Gundungurra land in the Blue Mountains, Australia. An urban planner and futurist, she works at the intersection of strategic planning, foresight and sustainability.

Toney has worked internationally in urban and regional planning, with her current focus being planning for resilience and transformative change in Sydney’s fastest growing region. Toney is an advocate of futures thinking, regenerative urban planning, and exploring new tools and techniques to help plan for health and wellbeing, reconnect us with nature, and contribute to a low carbon and socially-just future.


How to Survive and Thrive in Uncertain Times: A Planners Guide to the Future(s)

How will our cities and communities look in 2030? In 2060? As planners we are often called upon to ‘predict’ the future. To overcome and plan for uncertainty using demography, economics, past trends and modelling. To future-proof our settlements for the challenges that lie ahead.

But our rapidly changing world is leading us to question our assumptions about our profession. How can we plan in times of multiple crises, climate & biodiversity breakdown? How can we ensure the future doesn’t perpetuate injustice? How do we make good decisions and plan ahead in these uncertain and volatile times?

This session will question our understanding of ‘the future’, looking at some future fallacies and different ways of thinking about what might lie ahead. I’ll explore how taking on a futures mindset and employing strategic foresight tools can help us to navigate planning challenges and uncertainty.

Incorporating new tools and ways of thinking in our work as planners can empower us to work with communities to embrace change, to make better decisions and create the futures we want to see in our cities and our regions.

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