Director, Urban Places & Smart Cities, Stantec.
Vice President, Community Development - Urban Planning

A fascination with cities drew Nancy to the world of planning. She loves the way they change, grow, and fit together, combining diverse people and places to make something greater than the sum of its parts. For over 20 years she’s worked to create more livable communities, and as Stantec’s Urban Places and Smart Cities Director, Nancy is heavily engaged in creating smart cities by marrying technology to community needs. Nancy co-led Stantec’s team working with Sidewalk Labs on infrastructure design services for its proposed Quayside development in Toronto. She also served as Principal-in-Charge for the City of Centennial’s Future Ready NextGen Infrastructure Action Plan, which provides strategies for modernizing and implementing new approaches to policies and regulations that allow new innovations to be tested, demonstrated, and deployed. As she explores how technology is evolving our cities, Nancy is excited about future-proofing our communities and building infrastructure that will serve current needs while also planning for the changing future.

Presenting with Tom Young:

Rising to the Challenge: Reimagining our Communities for Better Outcomes

The events of the past two years have highlighted the struggles that communities across the world are contending with. COVID has disrupted tourism and affected where and how we work, with implications for city centres, transport networks and the role our neighbourhoods play in our everyday lives. Climate action is moving into high gear and governments across the world are grappling with how to rapidly transition transport systems and built form to achieve low carbon environments, as well as build in resilience. Underlying these trends are technological revolutions that are transforming how we live and how we move, and an explosion of data that can be used to enhance our understanding of how cities function. In response, it's time to move to a more outcome-oriented process for planning and designing our cities, putting goals like climate resilience, equity and access, transit oriented development, and more at the forefront and leveraging data analytics to achieve better results. Nancy MacDonald, Stantec’s Director of Urban Places and Smart Cities, and Tom Young, Stantec’s Urban Places lead for New Zealand, will share lessons learned from across the world to illustrate how we can emerge from this period of disruption more prepared and better connected.

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