I have worked as a planner in the Auckland/Northland region for the last 22 years in both the public and private sector.

I am currently Auckland Transport’s Planning and Acquisition Manager leading a team of planners and property acquisition specialists responsible for obtaining the land and consents for projects that are focused on redesigning spaces and transforming the transport network, creating a vibrant city and empowering our communities.

I have been an active and passionate member of NZPI since 2015, in more recent times as an Auckland/Northland Branch Committee Member and subsequently as Branch Chair till 2021.

Born in South Africa, I emigrated to New Zealand at the age of nine and grew up as a proud kiwi. The communities I lived in informed my work as a planner, ensuring it is firmly focused on generating community participation in city-shaping.

At the heart of my approach is collaboration through diversity and inclusion. I live in the most diverse city in the country with about 40% of our population born overseas. Going forward, we will become more culturally diverse with higher proportions of Asian, Pacific and Māori representation.

Big changes are at play as well with the way that we live, enjoy and get around our city and as planners. I see us as agents for that change. There are exciting times for the profession with this significant reform, and I want to contribute to making the profession the best it can be in a dynamic changing world.

Having a diverse NZPI Board is essential if we are to keep pace with the changing community. I consider my background and experience lend a diversity of thought and capability that benefits the Board and supports the changing face of Auckland.