PlanTechNZ panel: Digital innovation

How planners can support a digital-first future for planning in NZ in our changing system

SESSION: Friday 22nd March, 3:50pm - 4:20pm
Nick Williamson & Cam Wallace

This panel focuses on our conference sub-theme Bridging the Central / Local Government divide.

Major changes such as the new NBEA and SPA legislation and changes arising from the Review into the Future for Local Government are emerging against the already significant pace of change due to digital technology. The new system will bring the need for local government to work together in partnership to efficiently and effectively develop strategies and plans together. The Review into the Future for Local Government identified the huge potential for local government to collaborate on common systems and shared capability especially around digital services and systems and data architectures. This will also require central and local government to adopt new ways of partnership.

What can planners do to support positive change in these areas so that we have fit for purpose digital systems to support best practice planning?

How can planners prepare for and adapt to new technology and ways of working while supporting these substantial legislative and governance changes facing our government organisations and communities.

Our panel will discuss this issue and identify potential opportunities and actions. It will also include looking at this change from three perspectives: for government/business and other organisations, for the planning profession as a whole and for each individual planner.

Our panelists will be:


There will also be an opportunity to submit your own questions for our panelists to answer.

This is also an excellent opportunity for PlanTechNZ members to meet up in person and for other planners to find out more about joining PlanTechNZ.