Te Kōpuka - The White Mānuka

SESSION: Thursday 21st March, 4:10pm - 4:40pm
Hera Smith

Puta Tāne, Tangaroa kia piri, kia ita!

Te Heke Ngahuru - The First Autumn Migration of Eels

Ko ngā heke o te ngahuru he tohu o te hua nui o te tau
ko Puanga kai rau e heke mai ana

The first autumn migration of eels signifies well-stocked storehouses
for the winter the onset of winter being heralded by the rise of the star Puanga.

Te Pā Auroa o Te Awa Tupua (Te Pā Auroa) is the name of the new legal framework for the Whanganui River that is given effect through Ruruku Whakatupua (the Whanganui River Deed of Settlement) and the Te Awa Tupua (Whanganui River Claims Settlement Act) 2017. An innovative framework which returns governance of the Whanganui River to the Whanganui River itself via a first principle proposition called Tupua Te Kawa (the innate values Te Awa Tupua).

The innate values Tupua te Kawa, is designed to express kawa in simple and relatable terms, including the inextricable intertwining of hapū and iwi with the awa. Tupua Te Kawa encourages us to radically re-evaluate our relationship with nature, to see the River as indivisible –a living whole - intrinsic to the landscapes and the lives of the people that surround it.

The strategy, Te Heke Ngahuru ki Te Awa Tupua (Te Heke Ngahuru) was launched Friday 15th September 2023 by Te Kōpuka nā Te Awa Tupua (Te Kōpuka), a 17-member collaborative strategy group comprised of iwi, central government, local government, and industry participants. Its purpose is to bring together people and organisations with interests in the Whanganui River, supporting them to work collaboratively to protect the river.

A five-year period of investment, focus, community engagement, and construction of specific action plans is fundamental to achieving such adoption. Within this timeframe, Te Heke Ngahuru will consolidate Te Pā Auroa as the ascendent resource management framework for the Whanganui River catchment. This is a reform of the way we practice resource management in Te Awa Tupua.

Presented By

Hera Smith
Deputy Chair, Te Kāpuka nā Te Awa Tupua

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