Iwi-led planning - The Maketū Story

Iwi-led planning - The Maketū Story

SESSION: Thursday 21st March, 3:10pm - 3:40pm
Elva Conroy & Roana Bennett

Maketū is a low-lying coastal area located along the Bay of Plenty coast of Aotearoa. The Maketu community has seen more frequent coastal flooding, including near Whakaue Marae, following subtropical storms. In 2019, large swells caused a landslide, causing koiwi (human remains) to tumble from the clifftop urupā at Ōkurei to the beach below.

In 2022, the Maketū Iwi Collective brought together the community to build a common understanding and awareness about the potential impacts of a changing climate on their homes, cultural infrastructure, food supplies, livelihoods and surrounding environment.

He Toka Tū Moana Mō Maketū is the result - an Iwi-led, community-involved and agency-supported plan which identifies local solutions to an increasingly evident problem. Tying it all together is the absolute commitment to restoring the taiao (environment), protecting the people and native species of Maketū, and influencing government and business to do everything possible to reduce the impacts of climate change and to accelerate the transition to a carbon free economy.

In the words of the Maketū Iwi Collective, "we will be resilient like the anchor stone Takaparore - strong and steadfast against the elements and tides of change and uncertainty. Regardless of what happens as a result of a changing environment, we will remain standing".

In 2023, this plan won two prestigious NZ Planning Institute awards namely, Best Practice Award for Non-Statutory Planning and the Nancy Northcroft Supreme Award.

Presented By

Elva Conroy

Principal Planner, Conroy and Donald Consultants Ltd

Elva specialises in the development of indigenous-led, values-based frameworks, plans and strategies. Areas of specialty include freshwater and geothermal planning, land use sustainability, natural hazards and climate change, as well as spatial planning. She is the winner of multiple awards from the New Zealand Planning Institute for indigenous-led plan writing.

Roana Bennett


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