Realising Strategy through a stable context

SESSION: Thursday 20th April

Setting a stable context through the establishment of the movement and place function across the urban form, allows the use of quick build and transformational planning funds, such as Waka Kotahi’s Streets for People (SfP) and the Climate Emergency Response Fund (CERF) – Transport Choices package (TCP), to be used to realise strategy sooner.

Long-term strategy guides future network planning, which is captured through the developing Future Network Planning Process, utilising the One Network Framework tool. This helps translate strategy and enables the stable context for shorter-term planning and investment decision making processes, including SfP and CERF Transport Choices which look to roll out rapid responses to improve people’s travel choices and respond to Strategic targets quickly.

Streets for People is focused on making street changes that will encourage people to walk and cycle. Councils partner with communities to accelerate projects by testing and piloting semi-permanent street changes. These adaptive practices help demonstrate the value to the community and improve the final outcomes.

The Transport Choices package is focussed on projects aimed at encouraging people to walk, cycle and use public transport, through small, visible changes to our streets and the way people use them. The aim is to model things that can work well and to reduce barriers to their adoption.

This presentation will cite some learnings and explore the progress being made through the SfP and TCP programmes.
The challenge going forward is ensuring that land use and transport planning provides this stable context to allow these programmes to deliver strategy sooner.

Presented By

Matt Barnes

Waka Kotahi, NZ Transport Agency