Getting it Over the Line

SESSION: Thursday 20th April

A 50 year wish-list. A 10 year budget. 7 years’ grief. An election cycle. Covid-19.

Cars. People. Dogs???

The development of a Timaru CityTown Master Plan (ETA mid-2024) sees us working in partnership with highly motivated stakeholders to trial and apply tactical urban design in a community with “more heart than a city, more ambition than a town” (Isthmus, GapFiller).

Highlighting relevant examples, this session offers a hard-nosed approach to communication and engagement for plan development that can

  1. Optimise and align outcomes across a diverse range of stakeholders;
  2. Earn your social licence for change; and
  3. Empower your community to maintain and sustain wellbeing outcomes achieved.

Getting it Over the Line demands proactive, pre-emptive accountability. It is what our communities want and expect. It’s hard work. It’s character building. It pays off.

In something close to a post-apocalyptic planning environment where the risk averse “support” and “consider” vague actions with indefinite deadlines, choose instead to master your ten step Over the Line Campaign:

  1. Marshall your facts
  2. Mark your line/s and state your business
  3. Recruit your skeletons
  4. Know your firing squad
  5. Boss your FAQs
  6. Set up a designated parking space for Captain Obvious
  7. Put yourself against the wall (and into a box)
  8. Sell it don’t spell it
  9. Change your mind, with flair
  10. Go full circle, or Over the Line

Also featuring the four pillars of relationship bliss introducing Angry and Outraged, third wheeling and gate crashing, keeping your enemies close, and leaving your friends alone.

Because you too can get your plans Over the Line.