Planning for wellbeing and equity

Thriving urban areas promote wellbeing and equity by placing people at the centre of planning and practice

PRESENTED BY: Kia Silvennoinen

The urban system in Aotearoa remains under pressure. The recent devastating climate emergencies have shown it is ever more critical to respond to our housing crisis and infrastructure challenges in the right way. They have also reminded us that the reason we do urban planning and development is to protect the safety and wellbeing of people in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Significant legislative changes and new directions for urban policy offer a unique opportunity to re-direct our guidance, practice and status-quo thinking. The concept of wellbeing comes through in the Natural and Built Environment Bill, which is a good start. How can we as an industry use this direction for better outcomes for our people?

This presentation provides examples on how planning and development are connected to wellbeing and equity outcomes, particularly where the connection might not be clear at first sight. It will finish by prompting questions we can ask ourselves to ensure we are including a wellbeing and equity perspective to our mahi.