Our Directory is an extremely affordable way for companies to promote themselves and their services directly to clients looking for planners.

Te Kōkiringa Taumata | New Zealand Planning Institute (NZPI) promotes the benefits of using the services of Planning Consultants to businesses, developers, members of the public and community groups. We highlight the importance of involving a Planning Consultant early in the process, advocating that it increases the effectiveness, independence and professional accountability of the resource consent process, and often results in a more cost-effective outcome.

We recommend that before anyone starts planning an activity that might affect their neighbours, wider community or environment, they contact their Local Council who can verify if a resource consent is needed. If it’s determined that an activity requires consent, NZPI advocates that a Planning Consultant be engaged to help prepare the application. We also recognise that people may be on the other side of the process and have concerns about a proposed activity or plan change being put forward. In this scenario we would recommend the services of planner who can assist them in making a formal submission on an application or a plan change.

To compliment the online directory, we distribute a promotional leaflet throughout New Zealand to Citizens Advice Bureaus, Councils, Community Law Centres, Environment Information Centres and Professionals in related industries. The leaflet reinforces the value of seeking the advice of a planning professional who is more likely to address important planning issues and achieve outcomes.

Prices start at $350.00 (exc. GST)

Annual bookings are now open, if you would like to advertise please complete the below booking form and return by Monday 15th April, 11am.

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NOTE: If your company was listed in the 2023 directory, you do not need to complete the booking form however, we highly recommend contacting the person who submitted the booking last year to make sure they have responded to the call for renewals.

Listings are only available to companies employing practicing planners, at least one of whom must be a current Full Member of NZPI, this person must be the key contact person identified in the listing.

A leaflet promoting the directory is distributed to:

  • Citizens Advice Bureaus, Community Law Centres and Environment Information Centres throughout New Zealand
  • Territorial Authorities, Regional and Local Councils.
  • Selected Government Departments such as the Department of Conservation and the Ministry for the Environment.

The online directory can be viewed 24/7 across the globe at www.planningconsultants.org.nz

  • Standard: $350.00
    Company Name, Key Contact, Address, Phone, E-mail, Website and Specialisations in up to 3 regions of the Online Directory.

Optional Add-ons

  • Additional Region: $40.00 each

    Your company must have a physical address within the region or in the adjacent geographic region. The key contact for each additional listing must be a NZPI Full member and must be contactable at this office.
  • Company Flyer (1 page): $400.00
  • Company Brochure (4mb Max): $1200.00

    Rates are GST exclusive

Company Logo

Please submit as a separate graphic file (i.e. JPEG, TIF, GIF or PNG)

Company Flyer / Brochure

    • Flyer: 1 page, PDF
    • Brochure: No page limited, PDF, file size must not exceed 4mb

    NZPI allows you to create your own customised flyer/brochure with your own text and graphics to meet your needs - there's no word limits or technical press design requirements. It is accessible via a link within your online listing, if you have purchased additional regions, they will all link to this PDF. It can include information such as:

    • Key personnel who are paid-up current NZPI members
    • Areas of expertise and fields of work
    • Recent projects
    • Details of other offices (if providing a key contact, they must be a NZPI Full member)
    • A location map

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