Why advertise anywhere else when you can reach QUALITY planners through the New Zealand Planning Institute - list your vacancy with us TODAY!

Advertising with us means you specifically target qualified planners, we believe no one else will be able to offer you this kind of target audience. With over 2500 NZPI members receiving job alerts every week, this is a great place to advertise your vacancy!

With our service, you can reach planners of all levels throughout New Zealand and globally. Job alerts are distributed to our members along with news, events, and other items of interest even to those not actively searching for jobs; therefore, you may find your position is noticed by someone not actively searching for a planning job. In addition, anyone (including non-members) can view your job listings from the NZPI website.

All fees are NZD, non-commission bearing and GST exclusive

  • Student Internship: Free
    - Please note the level for this category is set to 'Student' by default.

  • Standard:
    - Entry-level: $215.00
    - Junior: $350.00
    - Intermediate: $435.00
    - Senior: $520.00
    - Team Leader, Manager or Principal: $650.00

  • Planning Support (Technicians or Administration Staff):$260.00
    Please note the level for this category is set to 'Planning Support' by default.

  • General: $1350.00
    This is a great option for organisations wanting to fill a variety of positions in various offices nationwide. Please note the level, type, experience required and region are all set to various by default. You will have the option of selecting a particular region if all the positions are within a single region.

We have the following discounts for employers with multiple advertising booked for the same date:

  • 2 Advertisements - 10% discount on total price
  • 3 Advertisements - 15% discount on total price
  • 4+ Advertisements - 25% discount on total price

The booking form will show the full advertising rate, the discount will be applied by NZPI once the booking has been submitted and processed.

If you have more than 4 advertisements you will need to complete the form twice as it can only take 4 advertisements at a time, the 25% discount will be applied to both bookings provided they have the same insertion date and the advertisements are for the same employer.

NZPI Supporters receive an additional 10% discount on the above.

If providing an order number, it must be the same for each advertisement in order to receive the discount.

The NZPI Jobs Board is updated every Thursday; the advert insertion date you provide must fall on a Thursday, if it does not fall on a Thursday it will be automatically added to the next scheduled insertion without notice.

Bookings must be submitted using our online booking form, we do not accept bookings sent via email.

We must have your booking by Wednesday 11am, adverts received after this deadline may not be processed until the following week.

If the submission deadline or insertion date falls on a public holiday, you should plan to submit your advert earlier. The Jobs Board service is closed mid December - mid January.

The advert will remain online until the position closing date (maximum of 30 calendar days) if you would like it to stay on longer, you need to re-book your advert.

  • Position title/caption: 60 characters max*
  • Position Description: 2500 characters max*
  • How to apply instructions: 250 characters max* - this should direct people to the NZPI 'Apply' button.
  • Link for apply now button: Please provide either an email address or the link to your online application form
  • Employers logo: Please have the employers logo (jpg, jpeg, png, bmp etc) ready to upload, the online booking form can not be submitted without it.

*Including spaces

Please make sure you have given our members enough time to respond. We recommend that an advert be posted on our website for at least 14 days for maximum effectiveness.

The official booking confirmation is normally emailed Wednesday afternoon; if you are not sure if your booking has been submitted successfully, please phone the office on 09 520 6277 ext 5.

If you wish to cancel your booking,

you must phone the office on 09 520 6277 ext 5 before Wednesday 11am. Please note, if your listing is already live, you will be invoiced the full amount, there are no discounts or refunds if you remove your listing early.

All enquires,

should be sent to the NZPI Sales & Marketing Coordinator - melissa.hubbard@planning.org.nz or if urgent please phone 09 520 6277 ext 5.

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The NZPI Jobs Board is a unique channel to help Planners working within and beyond NZ explore Planning opportunities throughout NZ.

Bookings must be submitted before Wednesday 11am, adverts received after this deadline may not
be processed until the following week.

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