Environmental Defence Society Conference 2023.

The context for the next EDS Conference, Pivot Point, is one of unprecedented global uncertainty. There is an ongoing pandemic, a European war, rising geopolitical tensions in our region and many economies in freefall. Here, we have major policy reforms happening that will change the way we live, play and do business. Our economy is transitioning to a low carbon one, land use changes are happening at pace, the resource management system is being overhauled and management of our unique environment is being strengthened across multiple domains.

The conference is called Pivot Point because Aotearoa New Zealand is entering a period of deep change as we transition our economy from one based on resource exploitation to one which drives environmental restoration alongside increased well-being. This will involve shifts in how we undertake activities such as tourism, agriculture, forestry, and fishing, particularly as we move from policy evolution to implementation. So, the programme will contain informed commentary on key sectors as they face that transition whilst coping with the many global disrupters. We will also be looking at how we might use these disrupters as an opportunity to rewild Aotearoa New Zealand.

Pivot Point is a great opportunity to come together and assess the adequacy and workability of all the changes as well as look forward to what the next term of government might bring.

EDS’s conferences always provide thought leadership on environmental matters and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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