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    National Medium Density Design Guide

    The National Medium Density Design Guide is intended to support small-scale property owners or those with limited experience in more complex residential developments.

    Produced by the Ministry for the Environment and Boffa Miskell Limited, with support from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, and Māori design practitioners the guide leads the way on weaving Te Ao Māori principles into medium density housing processes and outcomes. This is an essential part of fostering an Aotearoa New Zealand urbanism that could influence the redevelopment of thousands of suburban sites around the country.

    The guide is appealing for a lay audience and accessible in both digital and print form. Issues are clustered under six relatable themes and presented in the order that design decisions would likely be made. A checklist tests whether priority design elements have been provided and includes links to other references and resources.

    It is future-proofed for the ongoing changes in the central government’s resource management legislation towards a well-functioning urban environment and other wellbeing considerations. Through an all-of-government approach, other nationally important issues have been addressed in a way that can mutually benefit developers, residents and communities. This includes support of emissions reduction, community safety, inclusive design, landscape resilience, water sensitive design and noise attenuation.

    The National Medium-density Design Guide is concise, richly illustrated, and clearly explains the environmental, social, cultural and economic well-being outcomes that can result from delivering high quality and functional medium density developments.