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The Auckland Airport Community Engagement Strategy – The Northern Runway Interactive Map

With a 30-year plan to develop the ‘airport of the future’ Auckland Airport is looking long term. To operate successfully over this timeframe and beyond the airport needs to develop infrastructure, services and tools that will continue to make journeys better for customers and minimise the impact on the environment.

A key project is the second runway, and Auckland Airport needed to engage the community as key stakeholders in the approval process for the Notices of Requirement. The airport designed and developed an online interactive map which formed the basis of the community engagement strategy to help property owners understand the noise and height restrictions under the Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS).

The interactive map is a first for any airport in New Zealand. It was designed and developed in-house, driven by the guiding principle of being a good neighbour.

The Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS) has not previously been published in a way that enabled a quick or easy confirmation for property owners.

Through the interactive map, property owners can input their address and confirm the maximum height they can build to, based on existing ground contour information.

The map also allows property owners to understand how they will be affected by aircraft noise in the future, showing them the noise contour they are in and the noise mitigation packages available.

The interactive map proved hugely successful, exceeding expectations and gaining a total of 146,682 views within the first month, it continues to be frequently used.