Awarded to:

  • The Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints
  • Bloxam Burnett & Oliver
  • Construkt Associates
  • Mansergh Graham Landscape Architects

for ...

The Temple View Project

The Temple View Project is significant for Hamilton and the wider Waikato region. The consultant team has taken the clients brief and applied best practice planning and design principles to adapt a site with a former single use school facility into a masterplanned community that maintains its special character.

With the first stage now complete, the project has significantly improved the choices available to residents of Temple View and the wider community along with providing significant environmental enhancements.

Connections are now possible throughout the site in a manner that was not previously legible or apparent. The heritage values of four heritage ranked buildings have been sensitively brought out through substantial upgrade work. Three of the heritage buildings won awards in the Heritage section of the 2018 New Zealand Architecture Awards. The opening of Legacy Park with its boardwalks, lakes, playground and mass native planting provides a rich environmental experience how being embraced by the community.

The consultant team has applied a creative approach to the masterplanning of the site and achieved a seamless blending of the historic and the modern, the man made and the natural, all the while recognising and reinforcing the importance of this special character area. The Temple View Project has set a benchmark for quality development which maintains and enhances heritage elements, ecology, and amenity, while growing the settlement into what will be a diverse community with a strong sense of place.