All members of the New Zealand Planning Institute are expected to uphold the ethical standards that are laid out within the NZPI Constitution.

If you believe a member has contravened those standards and wish to make a complaint,  then please be guided by the following in progressing that complaint.

What constitutes Ethical Behaviour

Please find attached an excerpt from the NZPI Constitution that outlines what the Institute defines as ethical behaviour.

Click here to view the NZPI Constitution

Please be aware that there is a distinction between an unsatisfactory outcome and whether the behaviour that achieved it was ethical or not.

What can NZPI do if it upholds your complaint?

  • If the Professional Standards Committee finds the complaint to be substantiated it may, after giving the member an opportunity to be heard on the question of penalty, make one or more of the following orders:
  • Censure the member;
  • Order the member to pay the Institute in respect of each charge such sum by way of penalty, not exceeding $50,000, as it thinks fit;
  • Order the member to pay to the Institute such sum as it thinks fit in respect of the costs and expenses of and incidental to the investigation and prosecution of the complaint.
  • Suspend the member from membership of the Institute for such period as it thinks fit not exceeding two years;
  • Expel the member from membership of the Institute;

What process does the NZPI follow?

NZPI, through its Professional Standards Committee takes all complaints extremely seriously and has a robust process in place for dealing with complaints.

What process should you follow to lodge a complaint?

The following checklist and complaints form have been designed to ensure a speedy response to your ethics complaint. All complaints should be lodged using the online complaints form below.

Ethics Complaint Form