It is important that all members record and track their annual CPD points. This will ensure that when the annual CPD audit is carried out the correct number of hours that you have participated in throughout the year is registered.

NZPI has provided an online method for active members to record and track their CPD activities that have been obtained both in the current and past years. Attendance at all NZPI-provided CPD courses will be recorded under your CPD profile once completed, no matter whether it is an online or face-to-face course.

For those courses that are not administered by NZPI or for activities that apply to categories 2 or 3, it is the responsibility of the member to add their own records to their CPD profile.

To view/add your NZPI CPD record, take the following steps:

  1. Login to the NZPI website.
  2. Go to your 'My CPD' tile
  3. Click "My CPD Record" 
  4. On your CPD page you will see an automated list of NZPI events you have attended.
  5. To add CPD that isn't NZPI related or CPD not booked through the NZPI Events Calendar simply click on the 'Add Activity' and enter the following information:
    - The name of the Workshop/Seminar if relevant or other kind of CPD you are claiming
    - The date you attended the event if relevant to the category you are claiming
    - Which category of CPD you are claiming i.e. 1, 2 or 3.
    - The number of CPD hours/credits you are claiming for this CPD
    - The provider of the CPD if appropriate
    - The venue of the CPD if appropriate

As you add new CPD activities your record will automatically total the hours without you needing to do a thing.

Important things to Remember

  • You do not need to enter NZPI CPD activities that were booked through our Events Calendar. These will be added automatically once an NZPI officer has marked your attendance.
  • You must login using the email address provided to NZPI and connect with your membership profile before you are able to enter your CPD entries.
  • When entering CPD, you need to "Save" as you go along. There is no requirement to submit the entries when finished.
  • Please remember to mark the date of the entry as the date the CPD was undertaken not today's date as this impacts which CPD year the entry will fall under.
  • All NZPI CPD registered for via our events sections will be automatically uploaded to your CPD profile. For any external CPD 1 hour is equivalent to 1 CPD point.
  • NOTE - External CPD needs to be added manually as outlined in point 5 above.
  • There is no longer a manual form available for CPD entries
  • It's important that all CPD records are entered in by the end of the membership year (31st of December).

Important Note for NZPI Members

You must login using the email you provided NZPI in order to connect with your membership profile. Please remember you don't need to enter NZPI Workshops/Seminars booked through our Events Calendar, this is added automatically once an NZPI Officer has marked your attendance.