Government has introduced the Resource Management (Freshwater & Other Matters) Amendment Bill to parliament today.

The Bill’s proposals include:

  •  Excluding the hierarchy of obligations within the NPSFM 2020 from resource consent application and resource consent decision-making processes,
  • Aligning the consenting pathway for coal mining with other extractive activities across national direction,
  • Modifying local authority obligations under NPSIB 2023 to identify new SNAs and include them in district plans for 3 years,
  • Amending stock exclusion regulations in relation to sloped land,
  • Repealing intensive winter grazing regulations in the NES-F,
  • Amendments to speed up process to prepare or amend national direction.

Part 1 of the Bill introduces a number of amendments to the Resource Management Act 1991, including the introduction of new parts and sections. Other matters appear to largely relate to amendments to freshwater management, stock exclusion, infringement offences and matters relating to the National Policy Statement for Indigenous Biodiversity.

These changes were signalled in earlier statements from Chris Bishop, Minister responsible for Resource Management Reform. NZPI will carefully consider the Bill in the coming days and weeks as part of preparing a submission and further engagement with Government.

See the Bill HERE