GNS Science has just released guidance on how landslide risk can be managed through consistent land-use planning practices and approaches, so we can enable the right development in the right place. This guidance has been in development over a number of years and its completion is both important and timely.

Landslide Planning Guidance: Reducing Landslide Risk through Land-Use Planning helps bridge the gap between science and planning by providing comprehensive explanations on landslide science and the risk assessment process. Guidance is provided on the level of information and analysis that is needed at different stages of the planning process. For what can be an overwhelming subject, the Guidance provides pathways for planners to work through and includes case study examples.

The Guidance has been developed by the MBIE-funded Earthquake-Induced Landscape Dynamics programme and as part of the Hazard and Risk Management Strategic Science Investment Fund programme. GNS sought advice and feedback from a number of organisations in its development, including NZPI. The Institute worked with a small group of members with extensive experience in landslide planning to provide comprehensive feedback. GNS are very appreciative of the input that they received through this process.

For more information or to download the guidance click here