NZPI has been reviewing the structure of its Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme and is making some changes that will commence on 1 January 2024. 

This review has been in response to changes in the nature of work and in recognising that for those who have been in the profession for a much longer duration, there is value in “giving back” to younger members.

The passing on of this knowledge should be recognised in the allocation of points toward a member’s annual CPD requirement. For members in senior positions in their workplace there is value in training that doesn’t solely focus on further planning education. Work toward an MBA has the potential to support these members in their mentoring of planners in their workplace and in a wider capacity within the profession.

The current structure for Compulsory CPD is based around three points categories, from which members can achieve maximum points for the year. NZPI are replacing this system with a new structure. This new format will allow members to earn points in a variety of ways and recognises the contributions being made by senior members that are outside of our CPD courses. These may include the publication of articles (thought leadership), serving on Boards or Special Interest Groups, or involvement in NZPI mentoring programmes. NZPI will update its website soon with details about how CPD points will be allocated from next year.

The current points structure will not change for this year, and we encourage all members to ensure that all CPD records are entered in by the end of the membership year (31st of December). This gives NZPI enough time to prepare for the audit that will start in the New Year

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