Bryce Julyan, far left.

Bryce Julyan, former NZPI Chair and Technical Fellow at Beca, was supported by the NZPI Board to attend the Commonwealth Association of Planners (CAP) General Assembly in Kuala Lumpur. Bryce has represented Aotearoa in this forum since 2014 and was elected to become one of 7 Board of Trustee Representatives. Bryce takes up this new role on January 1st, 2024.

CAP is an umbrella entity covering professional institutes and related groups within the Commonwealth. CAP, and its members, partner on many initiatives to address key issues including Climate Change and Rapid Urbanisation. For example, CAP has supported the development and promotion of a Rapid Planning Toolkit, a project undertaken with the Kings Foundation (previously the Princes Foundation), established by HM King Charles.

CAP’s General Assembly has representatives from each of the 30 Member Institutes or Planning Associations from across the Commonwealth. CAP plays an increasingly significant role in promoting planning as fundamental for sustainable human settlements, mitigating the impacts of climate change and building resilient communities.

Bryce reported back to the NZPI Board this week on his attendance at the General Assembly and the Malaysian Institute of Planners conference. When asked about his election on to the newly constituted Board of Trustees he says, “I’m proud to get elected and excited that our part of the world has a voice in the running of CAP and its governance. Through my role I hope I can inspire and support others to volunteer on CAP initiatives and to help promote planning and support practitioners in our global region”. He says that his decade of involvement means that he knows the representatives from across the globe and he’s keen to help the new structure of CAP embed itself. He’s also a willing coach to support a replacement New Zealand representative on CAP as he takes up his new role on the Board of Trustees.

Bryce thanks the NZPI Board and the Institute for its support in getting him to the 2023 Assembly. We wish him all the best in his new role.