Aurecon is a design, engineering and advisory organisation which operates across Australia, Aotearoa New Zealand and Asia. The company has five offices in Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton, Wellington, and Christchurch and are involved in all of the largest infrastructure projects happening in Aotearoa New Zealand at the moment. We’re excited to welcome Aurecon as our latest NZPI Supporter.

Damien McGahan, Aurecon’s Principal of Environment and Planning, says achieving successful outcomes for owners, investors and communities requires projects and places to be planned and managed in a manner that is considerate of environmental, social and economic impacts. “If the true value of our ecosystem’s capital is considered along with sustainable design in these complex times, we can create a lasting change for good”. Aurecon’s projects are large and include Te Ahu a Turanga Manawatū Tararua Highway, a four lane 11.5km stretch of highway; the Auckland City Rail Link; and most recently being appointed to the Transport Rebuild East Coast recovery programme.

Damien says that alongside the core transportation projects, the team also works with a broader set of clients especially in renewable energy, water, land development and manufacturing & industrial sectors. The company place a huge emphasis on doing their part to meet New Zealand’s climate commitments. Aurecon’s Environmental and Planning Team works closely with its Climate Change and Sustainability Team. Damien sees the planning they are doing as “part of the solution” to achieving improved and resilient social and environmental outcomes.

Who is Aurecon?

Aurecon is an owner managed business in Aotearoa New Zealand and are able to draw on international experience to deliver significant local projects. Damien believes that their strength lies in how they bring together our design, engineering, planning and advisory capabilities. They partner with clients from across a range of markets, including:

  • Built Environment including People & Place
  • Transportation
  • Energy / Manufacturing / Industrial
  • Land and Water
  • Sustainability & Climate Change
  • Environmental and Planning Services
  • Advisory Services including Asset Management, Infrastructure and Risk.

Why become a supporter of NZPI?

Damien has been a Full Member of NZPI since 2007 and is passionate about what membership of the Institute means to being a planning professional. He says there are some talented planners in the team, and he has been encouraging them to become even more engaged with NZPI and work towards Full Membership. This, he says is part of a wider Aurecon strategy to provide staff with the opportunity to join professional institutes in their speciality areas. “I am fortunate to lead a proactive bunch of collaborative planners who strive to do good work”.

Damein is a mentor within the business. They actively share learning across the wider business and have been updating disciplines within the company about progress in resource management reform.

Is there anything particularly unique about Aurecon that you would like to share?

Damien has been with Aurecon for almost 12 years and says he’s there because of the nature of what Aurecon does, their clients and the projects they work on. He enjoys seeing the transformational impact that transportation infrastructure has on both cities and rural areas. He says projects such as the Transport Rebuild East Coast recovery programme, Te Ahu a Turanga Manawatū Tararua Highway have the potential to transform the resilience of those regions.

Planning for a resilient future for Aotearoa is important to the company. Aurecon will be sponsoring Keynote Speakers Toka Tū Ake – EQC’s Jo Horrocks and Sarah-Jayne McCurrach, who will be presenting on planning for our risky future at the 2024 NZPI Conference. We welcome Aurecon as a conference sponsor and our latest supporter of NZPI.

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