Rebekah Taussig is a Kansas City writer, educator, and parent. Her Instagram profile features reels and blogs with little vignettes about what life looks like from her chair. Her imagery is powerful and with a worldwide following and a bestselling book about life inside an ordinary resilient disabled body, our keynote speaker for NZPIC24 is sitting pretty.

Rebekah says that accessibility is so often framed as a side conversation that exclusively benefits disabled people, but she sees access as a fundamental part of any plans that intend to serve those of us who live in a body – all of us. In her work Rebekah writes about what it means to live in a body that doesn’t fit. But even as she brings followers into her personal story about moving through the world in a wheelchair, she emphasises the universal reasons we should all prioritise accessibility and inclusion, reframing the conversation from “special needs” to “human needs.” She aims to motivate all of us—disabled and non-disabled—to rethink what we want to build, how we want to build, and who we are building for. Rebekah will be leading a plenary session this topic at NZPIC24. She will also build on the wider conversation at conference about planning for diversity and inclusion.

Registrations are open for the 2024 NZPI Conference in Kirikiriroa – Hamilton, March 20 – 22. 

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Join Rebekah Taussig and rethink what we want to build, how we want to build, and who we are building for.

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