Reshaping public transport, abolishing minimum parking requirements, and the role of farmers markets were some of the topics covered in a series of dissertation research presentations from Lincoln University Master of Planning students last week.

Last week five Lincoln University students presented their dissertation research at the annual event organised by NZPI. Each presentation provided insights and solutions, demonstrating the vital contribution that environmental planners can make in developing more sustainable and equitable cities and towns.

  • Jess Farrar focused on rethinking social infrastructure in spatial planning: Exploring the role of farmers markets as social infrastructure for community wellbeing.
  • Devon Ashcroft discussed his assessment of the likely impacts of removing minimum parking requirements in New Zealand.
  • Mies VanHout explored the thorny issue of expressed values in social media posts regarding the Three Waters bills.
  • Jack Davis shared his analysis of walkability in three Christchurch neighbourhoods.
  • Helen Matunga completed the session by asking how conservation reform could impact iwi and hapū rangatiratanga and regenerative tourism.

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Research students planning on a sustainable future

This event follows another successful event last month where Otago University MPlan students presented their research at an Otago Branch event. In a week where we celebrate planning across the globe, we’re inspired by the direction being taken by our planners of the future – a good sign for the future of the profession.