We’ll be joining two of our international partners in a timely conversation about indigenous perspectives in planning. Our panel discussion will feature representatives from the Canadian Institute of Planners, the Planning Institute of Australia, and our very own NZPI Board Chair, Reginald Proffit.

With RM reform and co-governance being debated as we lead into our general election, and our Australian friends voting on whether to make a change to their constitution to give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders a voice in government on the same day, this is an important opportunity to listen to indigenous perspectives from highly experienced practitioners.

The panel will be moderated by Professor Libby Porter (RMIT University) and will feature Angel Ransom RRP MCIP, Elle Davidson MPIA, alongside Reginald Proffit MNZPI as speakers and panellists.

Angel Ransom is a proud member of the Kwun Ba Whut’en (Caribou) Clan of the Nak’azdli Whut’en First Nation. Growing up in her home community of ¬¬Fort Saint James (British Columbia, Canada), Angel developed an appreciation for the importance of community and a passion for the outdoors – not just as a place for play but also for its sustainable use and management. With a bachelor's degree in environmental planning and her own consulting company, Angel has spent more than a decade creating change in the field of Indigenous land use planning at the local, provincial, and national levels.

Elle Davidson is a Balanggarra woman from the East Kimberley and descendant of Captain William Bligh and describes herself as being caught in the cross-winds of Australia’s history. With a passion to empower the voices of First Nations People, Elle combines her Town Planning and Indigenous Engagement qualifications to shape our places and spaces. Through her approach, she creates a strong platform for Aboriginal voices in the planning process and builds allies to advocate for community. She is the Director of Zion Engagement and Planning, an Aboriginal training and consulting business and an Aboriginal Planning Lecturer at University of Sydney.

In the role of Pou Arataki – Director Māori, Reginald Proffit leads the execution of WSP’s Rautaki Māori (Māori Strategy). The Rautaki provides strategic direction on how WSP will integrate Te Ao Māori, including Te Reo Māori, into the organisation and the work it produces, and how it will work with Māori to support them to achieve their aspirations.

Reginald has extensive resource management planning experience, practises as an Independent Hearing Commissioner, and needs no further introduction as Chair of Te Kōkiringa Taumata | New Zealand Planning Institute.

This free event for NZPI members is on Wednesday the 27th September 12- 1pm ...

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