Our latest sponsor of #NZPIC23, the NZ Green Building Council, is hosting a webinar with Karen Greaves from Lendlease (Australia) on Green Star Communities. This lunchtime webinar is next week on Wednesday, 15th March at 12pm. We’re sharing this with members as we think it may be of interest to planning practitioners working in this space.

Lendlease are a global developer with a focus on working within a sustainability framework. The NZ Green Building Council has invited Karen to talk about her experience and share some thinking about the advantages Lendlease sees in applying the Green Star Communities tool for development of greenfield master planned communities. During the webinar Karen will share her insights based on the certification and recertification of 10 projects throughout Australia, including which credits are commonly targeted, lessons learnt over the years and some tips and tricks to get around commonly encountered problems.

Karen will be joined in the session by NZGBC’s Brad Crowley. Brad manages the Green Star Communities tool here in New Zealand and works closely with developers, architects and planners.

The webinar will cover:

  • The speakers’ experience and background of working with Green Star Certified projects,
  • Touch on why it could be important for development funding and other drivers,
  • Will focus on developments that are fossil fuel free, and
  • Will focus on resilience and climate adaptation plans.

It’s a free seminar and open to all on Wednesday, 15th March at 12pm: Register here