This week NZPI, having been recognised as a key stakeholder in the RM Reform programme, were invited to meet with Minister Parker to discuss the NBA Draft Exposure Bill and the broader RM Legislative Reform work programme. Reginald Proffit and David Curtis attended the meeting with the Minister, who was joined by officials from MfE. Having half an hour with the Minister our focus was on communicating a few key messages and securing the ongoing opportunity for close engagement in the development and framing the new pieces of legislation.

Our first message focused on implementation challenges. We acknowledged the vision and direction set out in the draft exposure bill and discussed that the challenge is in developing the draft exposure bill into legislation that can be well implemented. Alongside this we highlighted that the new legislation must be supported by a wider work programme providing support and guidance around transition and changes in practice – something that we all agreed was lacking when the RMA was released. In discussing the challenges of implementation, we made clear our focus was on how the Institute and the wider professions could engage in the development of the new legislation so that the implementation aspects were considered early to ensure the outcome sought by Govt for an outcome focused resource management frame was realised.

Secondly, we discussed the profession being ready for “practise change”. We raised that for the last 30 years planning has been shaped by the tools of implementation, being primarily the RMA, and that the profession needs to be best placed to deliver and use the new legislation. To this end we discussed that means to achieve practise change will need to be embedded within the legislation, but also as a wider programme of work within the profession, including work with our accredited university partners and in our continuous professional development programme for current practitioners. The Minister was very interested in this wider work programme perspective and the opportunities this presented. He deferred to the MfE officials to work on how this could be progressed with the Institute, ensuring an on-going opportunity for the Institute to shape and influence this work.

NZPI is appreciative of the opportunity to engage directly with the Minister, and we felt the discussions were productive. The Minister was appreciative of the thinking of the Institute and desire to see the result of the RM Reform Programme being legislation that was developed and supported such that it could be well implemented.