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SIGNING UP AS GUEST USER? This is where you create a login to purchase events/products from the NZPI website. Please enter your name, email address and desired password below. Once submitted, a new profile will be created, and you will be directed to your dashboard where you have the option of entering the rest of your contact details. You only need to do this once; in future you can use the submitted email address and password when prompted to login. You can also use it to login at any time to update your contact details or change your password. NOTE: this does not mean you are a member of NZPI.

ACTIVATING YOUR LOGIN? This is where you create a password to access your existing profile. You MUST enter the email you provided NZPI to ensure you connect with your existing profile. For NZPI members, this is the email address provided on your application. For guest users/event attendees, this is the email address you registered or purchased a product with previously. Once your login is activated, you can access your profile or restricted pages using your email address and password entered below.