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Implementation of the Freshwater Farm Plan system

SESSION: Friday 22nd March, 3:20pm - 3:50pm
Amanda de Jong

The Freshwater Farm Plan system forms part of the Essential Freshwater Package that was introduced in 2020. In August 2023, this has now come into force in parts of New Zealand.

This system introduces a national approach to regulated freshwater farm planning, with central and local government having to work closely together to implement the system. The system is comprehensive, requiring integration into freshwater planning processes and the resource management system more generally, creation of a new workforce of certifiers and auditors and introduction of an integrated national farm data platform.

Based on my experience working within the Te Uru Kahika (Regional and Unitary Councils Aotearoa) Freshwater Farm Plan project team since March 2022, I will offer insights and key learnings from the programme - touching on legislation making processes all the way through to operational delivery. This presentation will speak to the conference theme of the central/local government dynamic and the need to strike the right balance between a clear, local voice and centrally driven efficiency. How do we ensure central and local government can play to their respective strengths and work together to ensure environmental outcomes are achieved?

Presented By

Amanda de Jong

Strategic Environmental Consultant, Brighta Consulting

Amanda de Jong works across the spectrum of policy, consenting and compliance disciplines of resource management with both local government and central government agencies. With more than fifteen years' experience working in local government in both New Zealand and the UK Amanda as operated at the coalface of resource management. Her diverse resource management background means she provides a unique perspective and a comprehensive understanding of resource management challenges.