Our UGPs - City/Region Deals for NZ?

What does the future look like for our Urban Growth Partnerships in the context of Spatial Planning and City/Region Deals?

SESSION: Thursday 21st March, 3:10pm - 3:40pm
: Robert Brodnax

There are five Urban Growth Partnerships that undertake a form of spatial planning for New Zealand centred on Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown. With planning reform and the rise of concepts like City/Region deals these partnerships will need to grow and evolve. One example is Futureproof.

Futureproof has existed since 2008 as a partnership between iwi, local Councils and the government. It has achieved significant outcomes, including delivery of an integrated settlement pattern and transport network based around the Waikato Expressway.

More recently the partnership has focussed on complying with the requirements of the NPS- Urban Development and the changes to the settlement pattern required to achieve a range of broader outcomes such as the restoration and protection of the Waikato River in accordance with the requirements of Te Ture Whaimana and the drive to achieve transport emission reduction via mode shift activities. The paper will outline how the Futureproof Strategy works as a co-management entity to achieve these outcomes.

The partners are now confronting the evolving expectations of spatial strategies and the challenge of affordability that comes with the potent mix of rapid population growth, the need for new infrastructure and changing community and legislative expectations. New funding models and changes to governance and delivery models are required to achieve these sometimes conflicting outcomes. Of particular note is the emerging concept of place based implementation agreements, partnership investment deals and other new delivery models often referred to as City/Region Deals. What will this changing environment mean for partnerships such as Futureproof? What lessons might apply to other parts of NZ?

Presented By

Robert Brodnax

Senior Principal - Community Shaping, Beca

Robert has 30 years of experience working at the interface between central and local government on issues involving natural and physical resource allocation, infrastructure planning and investment and stakeholder engagement and sustainable development through leadership roles with central and local government planning and infrastructure agencies. He is currently the Independent Implementation Advisor for the Futureproof Urban Growth Partnership.