Bridging the Central/Local Government Divide

SESSION: Friday 22nd March, 2:50pm - 3:20pm
Tanya Mead

What is the ideal split between Central Government and Local Government in terms of managing the challenges faced by our communities, our cities and our nation?

The Panel for the Review into the Future for Local Government released its final report in June - He piki tūranga, he piki kōtuku, which includes a package of recommendations to support local government to play a critical role in building place-based resilience that supports communities through the times ahead.

The last few years have seen a shift towards more Central Government control; notably in areas such as Three Waters and the introduction of new national policy statements on freshwater management, urban development and highly productive land. There are mixed views on the efficiency and effectiveness of more Central Government influence on the day-to-day operation of Local Government. What is the right balance between a clear, local voice and centrally driven efficiency? What part does planning play in this change and how do we need to adapt to the changing needs of our communities?

Presented By

Tanya Mead
Principal Planner – Strategic, Kāinga Ora

Tanya has extensive experience working on crown and council-led transport and growth strategies at various scales, including Kāinga Ora’s large-scale redevelopments the CRL Business Case, Supporting Growth and Area Plans. She has a particular interest in improving the wellbeing of communities through the built environment, and ensuring that walking and cycling are real choices for people and is the co-lead for the Kainga and co leads on the Kainga Ora Sustainable Transport Outcomes.