Root cause of planning issues:

Effects based planning v.s. Outcomes based planning.

SESSION: Friday 11th March, 3:20pm - 3:50pm
Joseph Zou

The NBA exposure document indicated a shift from effects-based planning to outcomes-based planning. What exactly is outcomes-based planning? Has it already been in practice in Aaotearoa New Zealand? What changes are needed to migrate from the 50-years old RMA effects-based planning to future NBA outcomes-based planning? This paper seeks to:

  1. Compare and contrast the two planning approaches with the conclusion that outcome-based planning addresses the root cause of the effects: design.

    Live examples will be given to illustrate how one well written AEE can adequately address ad hoc effects from two different design options, albeit one is better in design merits.
  2. Then outlines how outcomes-based planning has been in action in NZ: from the New Zealand Urban Design Protocol which sets out the overarching baseline for sound urban environmental outcomes , to how councils adopted urban design review in planning process both in plan making and resource consent.

    Live examples will be given to illustrate how design review process adds value to better planning and environmental outcomes.

  3. Finally, it touches on changes needed both at organizational and individual level to respond to the call of NBA planning through exploring the following blunt questions:
    1. What is planning and what is design?
    2. How planning and design are relevant, inter-related, and supporting each other in achieving better professional outcomes in their individual disciplines?
    3. How should a planner and a designer know each other?
    4. Can a planner be also a designer and vice versa?

Live examples will be given to illustrate how design knowledge, and even hands-on design skills help planners in achieving better teamwork, professional and environmental outcomes.

Presented By

Joseph Zou

Gisborne District Council