Transport and Urban Planning Integration

The importance of spatial planning in New Zealand's changing resource management environment

SESSION: Thursday 20th April
Rory Power

The transport and urban planning systems need to work together in parallel to ensure that growth and development achieves a well-functioning urban environment. In the current climate of rapid growth and high demand for additional housing, these systems are colliding and impacting on the successful operation of our urban areas. This presentation will explore some of the current issues, recent changes, and potential future responses to improve the integration between the transport and urban planning systems. Recent improvements to the urban planning system are aimed at increasing the supply of housing and land for growth and development. However, this growth needs to be supported with financing, funding, and delivery of transport infrastructure in order to address issues such as climate change, emissions reduction, and equity.

There are potential tools to improve the integration of transport and urban planning, including the use of spatial planning, but there also needs to be an investment system to support the outcomes.

Presented By

Rory Power

Auckland Transport