This one-day workshop draws on Lee’s extensive experience, including as an Independent Hearing Commissioner and covers all the relevant issues from the Resource Management Act 1991.

This workshop is designed to provide you with the essential skills to;

  • Develop the ability to scope planning proposals for clients
  • Develop effective and sound Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEEs)
  • Determine completeness and sufficiency of information required for the Council to accept your application under s.88 and the 4th schedule
  • Understand the Council's role in accepting applications (s.92 requests)
  • Determining when and where it's appropriate to request further information
  • Determining when to notify (public or limited) or not to notify resource consent applications

It is based around up-to-date case studies, interactive examples and exercises drawing on the relevant case law and how these should be applied in practice, including:

  • Trilane Industries Ltd v Queenstown Lakes District Council [2020] NZHC 1647
  • Davison v Marlborough District Council 2017
  • Gabler v Queenstown Lakes District Council 2017 NZHC 2086
  • Tasti V Auckland Council 2016
  • Tram Lease Limited v. Auckland Council 2016
  • Ports of Auckland v Auckland Council 2015
  • Northcote Manistreet Inc V North Shore City Council 2004
  • Wallace vs Auckland Council (2021) NZHC 3095

Learning outcomes:

  • How to scope a planning application
  • Develop effective Assessment of Environmental Effects which meet the requirements of the 4th schedule
  • How to apply s.88 and the 4th schedule to determine where or not to accept a resource consent application
  • How and when to request further information or commission reports under s.92.
  • Determining whether an application should proceed on a notified (public or limited) or non-notified bases under the RMA


Dr Lee Beattie

Dr Lee Beattie is a practicing urban designer and urban planner with over 27 years' experience. He has qualifications in urban planning, urban design, and environmental science. He specialises in urban design matters, urban planning and urban design policy development; implementation and evaluation; and providing professional urban planning and urban design evidence.

Recently, with Dr Caroline Miller, he co-edited and contributed six chapters in New Zealand's first book about planning and urban design practice: Planning Practice in New Zealand, now it is second edition.

Lee is an Auckland Council, Queenstown Lakes and Hamilton City Council Independent Hearings Commissioner. He is also Head of the University of Auckland’s School of Architecture and Planning and Director of the University’s Urban Design programme.

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