This half day workshop is designed for planners with some experience, or less experienced planners currently tasked with policy writing for a Plan required under the RMA.

The programme will begin with a brief overview of the purpose and respective roles of objectives, policies and rules in RMA Plans and then focus on the fundamental aspects of good policy writing.  This will include how to express difficult concepts in policy writing, and what policy language is appropriate for a range of resource management issues.

A number of case studies will be used to examine good and bad practice. Time will also be set aside during the programme for planners to put forward particular policy writing issues and difficulties for group discussion. It is considered that the programme will be useful for planners requiring skills in mainly district and regional policy writing in an RMA context.

  • Particular case studies that will be covered during the workshop:
  • Residential provisions in the Hamilton District Plan
  • Coastal provisions in the Proposed Taranaki Regional Coastal Plan
  • Lakes, streams and wetlands provisions in the Auckland Unitary Plan
  • Natural hazard provisions in the Christchurch District Plan

Learning outcomes:

  • Gain an understanding of the context of policy writing in RMA plans.
  • Gain skills, knowledge and confidence to write clear and effective policies in RMA plans.
  • Obtain through the programme a tool box of policy writing ‘hot tips’.
  • Gain an understanding of common problems faced by other planners undertaking policy writing. 

The programme is not suitable for recent graduates.


Janice Carter

Janice Carter has a MSc (Hons) in Resource Management and has been practicing in the field of resource management planning for 25 years. Janice is currently working at B & A. A large proportion of Janice’s work has been in policy writing, from high level strategic policy documents for Councils and other organisations, to drafting district and regional plans. In addition to strong policy writing skills Janice brings a practical approach to resolving resource management policy issues utilising her sound geological sciences background. The most recent plan Janice has been involved with is the Christchurch Replacement District Plan.

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