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Planning is inherently knowledge-intensive and the volume and complexity of this information has increased drastically with the growth of the internet. Most experienced planners have not been specifically trained in digital information practices nor have an awareness of the latest technologies to support the effective use of information in their practice. This impacts not only how robustly information associated with project work is managed, but more importantly how professional knowledge and expertise as a whole is managed by the individual practitioner.

This course empowers planners to make deliberate decisions on their knowledge management practices, and to implement the latest technological solutions to suit their style of working. This course is a great antidote to the feeling of information overload in modern practice.

This course is structured around the practical output of a personalised information management strategy. Creating this plan during this one day workshop enables the following topics to be explored:

  • An introduction to key information management principles and the digital competency of information literacy
  • The risks of poor practices and the benefits of having best practice in your workflows
  • Options to access, organise and store information robustly and methodically
  • Automating information collection and management
  • Using the tools in your browser and search engine to more efficiently access and revisit information
  • An introduction to intellectual property and privacy issues associated with internet based information sources
  • Building strong systems to access and apply the information you have stored so that it supports your professional knowledge

This course works best as a "Bring your own Device" session but this is not essential.

Learning Outcome

By the end of the course attendees will:

  • Develop a personalised information management strategy to implement and develop further after the course
  • Understand the issues around information and knowledge management in modern professional practice
  • Have experimented with some of the technological solutions available and understand how to select solutions which suit their strategy

Who should attend?

The course is targeted to experienced planners who would like to bring some structure and organisation to the way they access, storage and use information across all areas of practice, from project work to professional development resources.